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Megumin - Mistweaver Monk

Submitted on: Sep 13, 2016 at 05:07 PM




Alt Characters

No alt








Tell us about yourself

WoW has always been my second game to play, I have not have had the time to take it seriously as I either played in a team on League of Legends or CS:GO/Source the last 5 years. I quit and started playing WoW in may, it's been my main game since then
My goal is to raid with friendly players who have the same mindset I have. That is, to always do your best, doesn't matter if it is a trash pack or a boss, put good time in the game and don't stop until you are one of the best on your realm

I live in a basement by myself, I do not work or study at the moment
My week is 2 days at the gym, and 1-3 days hunting on a field I and a few buds are renting
Other than that, I am most of the time home at my computer

Tell us about your history with raiding endgame content

Not much experience with high endgame content sadly
Most of my raiding experience come from SoO normal where we killed Garrosh on normal when it was relevant

Logs from recent raid encounters?

No logs


Why do you want to join Nemurenai

Nemurenai has been on a hiatus since BRF and I believe that fits me perfectly as I do not have the experience most mythic guilds are looking for. You guys are probably rusty and need to catch up with raiding, this gives me a chance to learn and be ready for mythic, without players expecting me to know 100% from the start

Previous Guild(s)

Nothing worth mentioning

Current guild

TeenageMutantNinjaTrolls - Random guild for the guild perks

Reason for leaving / wanting to leave

Looking for a serious raiding guild

Do you have a working microphone?


How would you feel about getting replaced by someone else, in favor of a better setup or for the greater good of the raid?

That's fine. I would understand the reason behind it

Anything else you would like to add

Thank you for your time xD


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I wouldnt mind giving you a shot to prove yourself, whisper an officer ingame for an invite

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