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Konaanfu - Mistweaver Monk

Submitted on: Sep 22, 2016 at 10:47 AM




Alt Characters

Konaan= Shadow priest - lvl 100 still didnt start lvling it



Ali Kablawi




Lebanon , but i live in UAE , united arab emirates

Tell us about yourself

Well i am from lebanon , live and work in United Arab emirates as A Project Manager , Senior HR officer , And Acting Crewing Manager , been playing online game for long time ,playing wow Since Vanilla etc ... Hobby are playing football , Going out etc .

Tell us about your history with raiding endgame content

- Vanilla -
Classic World of Warcraft: Shadow priest
MC = cleared
AQ40= Cleared
BWL= Cleared

- The Burning Crusade -
The Burning Crusade: Shadow priest
Karazhan: cleared
Gruul Lair: cleared
Magtheridon: cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern: cleared
Tempest Keep: cleared
Black temple: cleared
Sunwell: Cleared

- Wrath of the Lich King -
VOA = Cleared
Naxx- Cleared
OS = CLeared
EOE= Cleared
Uldur= 13/14 Cleared
Onyx = Cleared
TOC = Cleared Normal and heroic
Lich king = Cleared normal . 11/12 heroic ( guild disbanned before killing lich king )
RS = cleared normal and heroic

- Cataclysm -
BH = Cleared Normal only
BD = Cleared Normal . heroic 5/6
BOT = Cleared Normal . 1/5 Heroic
TFW= Cleared Normal only
FL= Cleared Normal and heroic
DS = Cleared Normal and Heroic

- Mist of Pandaria -
MV= Cleared Normal . heroic 5/6
HOF= Cleared Normal . heroic 3/6
TES = Cleared normal . Heroic 1/4
TOT =Cleared Normal , Heroic 10/13
SOO = Cleared Normal . Heroic 14/14( before the nerf ) , mythic (14/14 )

- Warlords of Draenor -
HM Mythic (5/7 ) , BRF (6/10 mythic ) . HFC mythic ( clear all )

Logs from recent raid encounters?



Why do you want to join Nemurenai

my friend Korathan , informed me about your guild , and i am actually looking for a guild that make good friends , enjoy the expansion , and progress with them , that why i said to my self let try to be part of your success

Previous Guild(s)

My main char before was Shadow priest , and the below experiance is my prevouis guild until MOP, then reroll to monk
Vanilla / Burning Cursade = Endlessnight was an officer there , left coz the guild master decided to quit coz of his university exams
WOLK= Guild of honor , was an officer there , but it was kinda a casual guild , so decided to goo a more raiding guild , Amplified = Guild disbanded after every one decided to take a break in the summer
CAta = we rebuild endless night , got some of the old ppl back , but after we kill a little bosses , every one decided to goo to a bigger guild , so the guild disbanded .
The aunans = we did fine , was helping the officer to recurit , and the guild stayed alive until panderia
MOP = the aunans decided to reroll to monk , after we where slacking alot of playing they decided to go casual , so applied to another guild which is CR , stayed there until SOO , then the GM decided to merge with Final evolution , decided to change server after some misunderstanding between me and the GM , so i decided to find another guild , i have applied to the nephilim , but dps spot was full . so i
went to guild called wrath in kazzak , which was an amazing guild , we did alot of runs , until i end to be an officer there , but the guild was dieting , and ppl was not interested to raid , so i tried to search for another guild .

i changed server and went to twisting Neather , where i join berserk x , it was fine as a start , but after that i see the disrespect , but i said to my self let me wait until legion hit , when legion hit , its was nothing wrong etc , i am grown man , if you have some thing in my face , tell mee in my face to spec about mee when i am afk in ts , and start bitching about me . that is not good , if i did a mistake just say it , don't be rude , that why .

Current guild

Berserk x - Twisting Neather

Reason for leaving / wanting to leave

I wasnt planning in leaving them , but after what i saw yesterday i decide to leave them , they are using loot council system , before i start i dont want you guys to think that i am looking for gear etc . it just the way it happen make me consider looking for a different guild , i have been raiding with them since the last patch , and every thing was amazing we where having fun etc , expansion hit every one was trying to gear up asap , getting ready to the raid .

one week before the raid open , an officer ( which is the wife of the GM ) start saying bad things about enchant and Gem , i was polite and told her that i am waiting for better gear to drop from mythic dungeon , but the nick enchant i wont do it , until i get at least a better stat , coz its a little costy , in our server it cost 30 k , she replied , i dont care about , he have to put the best enchant in the required item , but how , i didnt argue with her , i her ok , i put the 150 one until i get some thing this week from mythic + or even heroic or normal .

so yesterday we where raiding heroic , 2 items drop which are big upgrade for my gear , as a healer i need this upgrade , so i clicked in the loot councel need , so the gm and his officer decide one to give it to a mage , which i said ok np , but giving an item to a friend rank , i didnt say any thing i logged of and went to sleep , that why i decide to leave the guild with my dignity and not being an ashool and winning about an item .
note : its not about the item , its about to give it to Real life friend then one of your Mythic team member .

Do you have a working microphone?


How would you feel about getting replaced by someone else, in favor of a better setup or for the greater good of the raid?

i dont mind , if it will help the setup of the guild then yes

Anything else you would like to add

i hope to be part of your guild , and if there is any thing you would like to ask , please dont hesitate to contact me konaan#2640



Hey, I want to let you know that we are also using LC, however we won't be giving items to friends, but top performers.
And I'd also like to ask you how much dps are you confident in being able to pull on a singletarget raid boss atm while still handling heroic+ raid mechanics?
well at the moment i havnt tried dps in any single traget bosses in legion , as all my artifact power went to the healing weapon , but i have the the gear for dps , the only problem i have is the i have to collect artifact power to spend in my dps weapon , and i am very confident about doing a pretty good job as dps ,
sorry i am applying for mistweaver position not windwalker
Oh I see haha well lets flip the question that way then, how much hps are you doing?

here is log of yesterday heroic , in the 3rd boss i was dpsing and healing , 2nd boss i die early
You are in the bottom 8% for Mistweavers of your ilvl range even on the pull you didnt die, add that on top of the fact that we already have a very strong mistweaver in our team, we are unfortuantely going to decline you, good luck in your guildsearch friend

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