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Levengton - Demonology Warlock

Submitted on: Sep 26, 2016 at 05:12 PM




UI Screenshot


Alt Characters

Carshadaras (DK)..............Agonizeraj(rogue).............carshadarak(DH)............and an unused 100 a warrior on another realm might transfer soon or not








Tell us about yourself

i am just a normal gamer not a geek or a nerd just love to play games in moderation ............ recently i have been focusing with Blizz games starting form mainly wow and am also an RTS fan so i play SC2 and got fooled to buy cartoonish D3...............i dunno if that is what u want to know in this section but i have nthing else to say else tell me exactly what u want to know

Tell us about your history with raiding endgame content

I joined wow during ulduar and I was only with bc .. when I hit 70 I found that I cant play game in that manner so I bought wotlk and by the time I was 80 Icc was out and I was surely a still a noob tho I managed to down till blood princes on 10 man but ofc didn't get best record for raiding and it was guild raiding was in cata specially starting from FL ( cleared some of the previous raids but wasn't in a good guild yet) I was getting legendry staff but I took a break which made me not to get and when I came bk the guild was disbanded and DS was almost there so I did my best to stay on track without a guild un til I was lucky to find one and cleared all ds except for hc which I cleared after nerf and went bk to FL and cleared it all hc including raggy which was still pretty hard and I also got Glory acheiv from mop I had no time or lets say I slacked a bit and I was not in a guild at that time coz the guild disbanded and some of em went on another (PS:all this was on Jaedenar realm I came to kazzak like 2 yrs ago)until wod came i didn't get a full clear tho i cleared some of highmaul and some of brf and entered a shit guild with rude ppl was a good in raiding but i just couldn't handle their attitude so i left .... recently with HFC i cleared like half of it HC and got the normal diff curve for archimonde and all of that with no guild

Logs from recent raid encounters?


Why do you want to join Nemurenai

i want to join u coz i found myself in a good raiding guild and i didn't even enter it as a raider :D.............most guilds that are mostly social and start making a raid grp are total tards but surely u are not after first week full normal clear and 2/7 hc .................. i would like to clear endgame raids atleast till hc if i am good and doing well and can join mythic am up for that aswell so i hope u can accept that.............i woul like also to add that if u are truly hardcore raiders who seriously take game in a hard way and aiming for a full clear of mythic in early content and want exceptional not that one :) so don't accept me if u are expecting this ............ all what i just want is to have fun of the game not in a casual way like LFR and not importantly in a hardcore way like mythic but surely if i have time and i do well performance i am up for mythic

Previous Guild(s)

Previous guilds were on another realm and they are disbanded now

Current guild


Reason for leaving / wanting to leave


Do you have a working microphone?


How would you feel about getting replaced by someone else, in favor of a better setup or for the greater good of the raid?

it is fine

Anything else you would like to add




Good read, I am a big fan of SC2 too and follow many of the tournaments.

How much dps can you sustain in a long singletarget fight atm?
Also, I would like to see a screenshot of your UI in a combatsequence, if you don't mind.
warlocks are pretty much garbage right now tbh but I just cant switch to any other coz this is the soul of my game :).............I am mainly demo and worked a bit to boost my affli weap so it is my off spec............I reached in mythic dungs where we pop Bl at start and burn the target to 300k then my dps drops slowly and pauses on fights are pretty different am sure but I can say that if I get used to the fight after a couple of tries I can reach 200k............we are talking here about single target with demo else if it an adds fight and many movement my dps will be total garbage......never tried affli in adds fight so far but I hear they are pretty decent coz of multi dotting

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