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Renzari - Fury Warrior

Submitted on: Sep 26, 2016 at 05:36 PM




Alt Characters

Choluna, WW Monk:

Tojani, Balance/Resto Druid:

UI Screenshot:
Choluna, WW Monk:

Tojani, Balance/Resto Druid:
Balance -
Resto -







South African

Tell us about yourself

Hey there!

Well as stated above my name is Tor and I'm 23. I'm originally from South Africa but moved to Sweden with my parents when I was eight because they felt it would be better to study in Europe.

I've been gaming on my PC ever since I got my first PC, I play pretty much everything but the game that's stuck with me the longest is definitely World of Warcraft. I had played through WC3 with my uncle and when WoW was released I managed to convince my parents to let me start playing it. I was only like 13 when I started playing WoW and after a couple of months I hit 60 on my Druid. I was taken in by a guild called Frozen Honor on Balnazzar where I got to experience raiding and I absolutely loved it. I did MC, BWL and AQ and merely poked my head into Naxx with those guys and ever since I've been a huge fan of PVE content.

I also love grinding in games, I'm a huge fan of Path of Exile and any game that would allow me to put in hours of mindless grinding.

I can't currently think of anything else to write here, I guess if you'd like to get to know me better you need just ask! :D

Tell us about your history with raiding endgame content

As I mentioned shortly I've been around for a long time in WoW.
I've experienced progression in mostly MC, BWL and AQ as a Resto druid. I never managed to down any boss in Naxxeramas with my guild but we had a blast trying.

During TBC my parents were a bit more strict when It came to me putting in hours into raiding so I mostly did Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon's Lair, TK and Serpentshrine Cavern casually throughout the expansion. I was tanking them at that point on my druid but shortly before TBC ended I rerolled to a Fury/Arms Warrior.

In WoTLK I developed an addiction to leveling my alts so only got started raiding when Ulduar was released, I had poked my head into EoE and OS but wasn't part of any guilds at that point, it was mostly pugs.
During the Ulduar release I joined up with a Swedish guild because some friends IRL wanted to play together and since they didn't have the same advantage of being fluent in English as I did I decided to join them. The guild wanted me to re-roll to a Ret paladin because they were full on warriors so I simply benched my warrior for the time.
I did Ulduar fully, didn't manage to get No lights with the guild so that's something I went back and did when I could solo Ulduar, pesky mind controls!
During ICC I had enough DKP stored up to pay my way to be the first melee in the guild to get Shadowmourne, but by the time I was about to collect shards Blizzard decided to change the lockout system so that 10/25 man shared lockout and my guild began focusing more on 10man for some reason. Eventually I left that guild and made my own with some irl friends and picked up my warrior again and killed LK with them.

In Cata I tanked BWD during progression in a guild with some friends but shortly after downing the first three bosses I took a long hiatus from playing wow and only started playing when DS was released and I decided to play rogue because I wanted those tasty legendaries. I then killed Deathwing and started HC progression but MoP was coming close and I quit yet again because I really didn't enjoy Cataclysm. So I quit and went to play Tera Online until I got the MoP Beta.

I got stuck playing Tera Online and mostly did challenge mode runs, selling them and helping friends get their sets and when SoO was released I picked up raiding again with some friends and cleared Normal/HC with them.

The guild I created with some friends for SoO continued on into WoD but didn't last long, we managed to clear to Ko'ragh before people stopped showing for raids which in turn made it hard for me to get raids going. I didn't do much in WoD except when HFC began and then I started pugging most of the content from there on. So my progression through normal/HC in HFC was only pugs that either I made or joined.

So I've been raiding since classic, albeit at a certain point I wasn't interested in joining guilds with a fixed schedule so I haven't gotten much done lately. However I'm a quick learner and I've still got raid rules from my original guild as a mantra; If you show up unprepared then you're benched or -dkp/lootbanned for the first few bosses. Don't whine about progress/wipes or just let someone replace you etc.
I've spent most of my time doing 5man content, such as challenge modes and now mythic + is looking real tempting, but I really feel like it's time to get back up on the saddle and start progression raiding again.

Logs from recent raid encounters?

No logs unfortunately.


Why do you want to join Nemurenai

I just recently started looking for guilds and I saw Castælla's post on the Kazzak forums and from what it seems you guys are also looking to get back up on the saddle and start raiding. I can't say there's much more to it because otherwise I'd be lying. However I did have a chat with Delot and he seemed like a nice fella'!

Previous Guild(s)

I can only remember three of my guilds that I've been in and that's:
Frozen Honor (Classic-TBC)
WoTLK - Voltage
Cataclysm - Voltage
MoP - Legion; Capacity

Current guild


Reason for leaving / wanting to leave

I'm the guild leader of Capacity and ever since a bunch of members changed to alliance/quit playing I haven't really bothered taking the initiative of getting the guild going again. It's time to find a proper guild now instead of just relying on irl friends.

Do you have a working microphone?


How would you feel about getting replaced by someone else, in favor of a better setup or for the greater good of the raid?

I absolutely wouldn't mind if a particular fight requires more range/melee and being benched for that fight during progression. Presuming I get my spot back after that fight has been cleared.

Anything else you would like to add

I'm quite easy going, I love playing and maintaining my alts to somewhat competitive degree. I really like raiding and doing 5 man content such as mythics/mythic+ and I'm probably always up for helping someone if my characters aren't locked.
I'm great at constructive criticism, if I'm doing something wrong just tell me what and I'll improve on it. I also tend to stay up to date on most classes forums/theorycrafting.

Other than that I can only add that me and Spelworm(He should also be applying) have been playing together ever since MoP and I can hands down say he's one of the best healer's I've played WoW with. He's the kind of guy that will tell you to pull an entire room of mobs that the entire raid knows hurts just because he wants a challenge. Great guy, fun and makes sure to do what he's tasked to properly. So we're a bit of a package.



I forgot to add that I'm applying as either Windwalker, Balance or Fury warrior. At the moment (Speaking pre fury buff) I'd probably prefer playing Windwalker or Balance. But if the tuning pass that's coming on Wednesday makes Fury competitive again I'd love to main my warrior.
Great application, it makes me so happy to see someone flesh it out to this degree.
You're very welcome to join us on whatever character you prefer, as we need all three of the specs you mentioned as we expand our team to 20 man for mythic!
Whisper an officer for an invite

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