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Kimmsa - Havoc Demon Hunter

Submitted on: Sep 26, 2016 at 07:25 PM




Alt Characters

Got an Prot Pala i levled up a few days ago with 828 so far that i will be having as an Alt : )
Name of this Paladin is Hyperwings on Kazzak



Kim Roger





Tell us about yourself

Hello, im 25 years old and im from Norway : )
Im a "nerd" as ppl like to call it, i do play WoW 12+ hours a day..
I've been playing since Vanilla and aint got any plans to quit.

Im a social and funny guy that loves to get to know new ppl, dont know anything else i could say ^^

Tell us about your history with raiding endgame content

I have been raiding since Wotlk and been a part of every raid since, in WoD i started late after a few months break for personal reasons..
I managed to get 13/13 HC Hellfire at that time with my Ele shammy ( Sparksanlava on Kazzak ), he is also the one ive used in pref raids..

MoP i cleared, Mogu,Heart of fear,throne and Siege..

Now in Leagion i got 7/7 Normal

Logs from recent raid encounters?

No im sorry, im not logging :/


Why do you want to join Nemurenai

I am looking for an guild that is acually going to progress on Mythic, and i saw that you guys recruited so im giving it a try to apply to you..
Im always happy to get to know new players , and i would like to be part of the good times and the bad times we will get while raiding : )

Previous Guild(s)

Scrub Up

Current guild

Scrub Up

Reason for leaving / wanting to leave

When i joined this guild, they told me that they would be going for Mythic progression..
Its about 50 raiders in this guild split in 2 grps, where there probly is 20 good ppl spread..
They are a typical guild that want to give everyone a chance and wont exclude anyone..

Tried to speak with them to acually set up an progression grp but they wont..

Short version of why i do want to leave this for another guild!

Do you have a working microphone?

Yes i do

How would you feel about getting replaced by someone else, in favor of a better setup or for the greater good of the raid?

That wouldnt be a problem, aslong i get back into raiding, aslong i get time for raiding im happy for it ( and atleast getting to down that boss later on )

Anything else you would like to add

Stay strong and anything can happend : )

Im not the best on applaying, but atleast im trying my best for it ^^

Any questions you can /w Hyperwings or /w Telarian ingame on Kazzak and i will answer questions for you!


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Ill be happy to give you a chance to prove your worth, whisper an officer for an invite

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