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Veddy - Frost Deathknight

Submitted on: Sep 27, 2016 at 03:18 PM




Alt Characters

Vedra- DH
Oblivanti- Mage

Not had chance to gear alt as much as I'd of liked but it is something I am working on.








Tell us about yourself

I'm a confident 23 yr old male, I work 9-5 Mon-Fri for a bank, And use Wow as a release from the monotony of life. I have played WoW for as long as I can remember on and off. I'm a very self critical person, always trying to improve myself, which is reflective in WoW. Pushing content for that buzz after a boss that has given us trouble for the past X amount of attempts finally falls. I build relationships quickly with others and I am very receptive to criticism from others. Anything to gain an advantage I'm game. I'm very competitive and set my focus on achieving 1 thing at a time, Last Xpac/season it was Glad. This Xpac it is PvE.

Tell us about your history with raiding endgame content

I started raiding in Wrath, as a Prot Paladin, Naxx 10/25, I briefly touched on Ulduar but really got into raiding when Icecrown released, I started my own guild and we managed to get up to Sindragosa 10HC cleared as we were a 10 man guild. Come cata I swapped to DK dps and joined a quite proven guild on the server of Daggerspine Alliance, Hedonic Haven under the name Vedra, formed strong bonds and quickly proved myself to be one of the top DPS in the guild. we had some Alliance first's and always had fun whilst playing.

I haven't raided since other than this week where the guild i am currently in cleared 7/7 normal, 2/7 HC.

Logs from recent raid encounters?

I haven't started logging yet.


Why do you want to join Nemurenai

I would like to join as I'm looking for a progressive guild. And be competitive on the server for boss kills on Mythic. I have seen your guild has history with this and I would like to be apart of the learning curve.

Previous Guild(s)

As stated above Hedonic Haven, most recently Scrub Up.

Current guild

Scrub Up

Reason for leaving / wanting to leave

Telarian has explained this about having good raiders split between 2 groups and the raid attitude is not what I am looking for in terms of undergeared / unskilled players being in the mix and having to carry those. Raids seemed disjointed and could never get a word in due to constant word vomit.

Do you have a working microphone?


How would you feel about getting replaced by someone else, in favor of a better setup or for the greater good of the raid?

This is fine but if the boss could be done without doing so, I would expect to stay within the group.

Anything else you would like to add

I am currently Frost, simply due to liking the spec more than Unholy. With the buffs tomorrow I will be assessing whether or not it is a viable path to stay Or whether I need to work on my Unholy spec.


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Im up for trying you out in tonights normal if you'd like a chance to prove yourself, whisper ingame for an invite

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